Lulu is holding a baking contest today but she has no one to fill in as judges as they’ve all backed out at the last minute! But luckily, Addy and Maya arrive and are able to step in and help. They’ve never been toy dessert judges before! The silly kids are supposed to keep the contestants away from the judging area but someone is trying to sabotage the contest. Who will win the bake-off and will the girls find out who tried to ruin the day? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Music credits:
Frenchy by Liberty
Curb Dance by Avocado Junkie
The Future is Retro by New Wave Sounds
Shopping Spree by Funday
Up in the Clouds by TituS
Whodunit Waltz by King Flamingo
Clubbin’ Time by Yung Koolade
Huckleberry Moonshine Ray by Heartland Nights
Wickedly by Falls
Christopher Walked by Falls
Love’s Pursuit by IDOLS
Coconut Island by King Flamingo
Life With You by Matt Wigton
Working the System by Fairlight
Operation 2020 by Yung Koolade
Jokes on You by Bryant Lowry
Ocean’s Ten by Try Genesis
Happy Dance by Funday
Find That Groove by BrightSeed
Shine by OBOY
Duchess of Doom by Hill
Brakecheck by Neon Beach
Catch Me at the Mall by Mikey Geiger
Frosty Overnighter by Fantoms
Charged by Thorr

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