Malaysian Momentos

Most Malaysian states are well-known for their unique specialties. Choose from amazing antiques, vintage treasures, and ethnic crafts to bring back memories of your vacation. The majority of these momentos can be found at craft stores.

Malaysian Batik

Bold and vibrant, Malaysian Batik features artistic freestyle hand drawings or block prints. It is made from cotton or silk fabrics and is fashioned into Malay traditional attires, chic tops, shirts, pareos, or even scarves, purses and bags.


Songket is a beautiful traditional brocade that is intricately woven with gold or silver thread. Songket has long been associated with wealth and prestige. Sarongs, evening gowns, gift boxes, and other items are available.


Available as tankards, goblets, trays, photo frames and holders, pewter products are among Malaysia's most prestigous souvenir items. Among the leading pewter brands are Royal Selangor.

Sabah Pearls

Sourced from the waters off Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, Sabah Pearls are none of the state's most prized souvenirs.

Sarawak Pottery

Browse through a collection of decorative vases made of fine quality clay. Sarawak pottery is distinguished by its captivating ethnic motifs, making it highly sougt-after as gifts and souvenirs.

Pua Kumbu

Another one of Sarawak's specialities, the Pua Kumbu is sacred, ceremonial textile of the Iban Ethnic community. Pua Kumbu is made from homespun cotton and dyed using natural dyes. They are produced using the ikat (tie and dye) or resist technique.

Labu Sayong

The pride of Perak, Labu Sayong is a traditional, gourd-shaped water vessel made of clay. it derives its name from the cottage industry in the district of is said to make the water cool and refreshing.

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