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All set for a beach vacation in Malaysia? Soak up the tropical sun in these beautiful beaches. Bring out the sunscreen and hat! It's time to relax on Malaysia's sun-kissed beaches. Malaysia is the ideal destination for the beach vacation you've always wanted, with warm waters, scenic views, and an abundance of marine life. Malaysia offers an unforgettable vacation for every preference, with a coastline stretching up to 4,800 kilometres, whether it's a luxury beach retreat, a quiet romantic getaway, or a beach holiday with exciting party vibes. Come to Malaysia for an unforgettable beach vacation!

Langkawi Island, Kedah

Situated at the northwest of Peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi is a world-renowned island destination, An archipelago of 99 islands, Langkawi boasts beautiful beaches, beaches, award-winning resorts and a state-of-the -art marina, Langkawi's most popular beaches are Cenang Tengah, Datai, Kok, Tanjung Rhu and Burau Bav, , Paradise 101 is an eco-friendly private day-resort island

Tioman Island, Pahang

Tioman, also known as 'Bali Hai,' is an enchanted paradise in the South China Sea. The island's main beaches are Tekek, Salang, Paya, Genting, Air Batang, Nipah, Mukut, and Juara, and it beckons with its laid-back charm, emerald waters, and spectacular marine life. Other must-sees include Monkey Bay and Renggis Island.

Penang Island

Penang, known as the Pearl of the Orient, is a popular vacation destination with unique historical buildings and cultural landmarks. The island is well-known for its world-class resorts and exciting water sports. Popular beaches include Batu Feringgi, Teluk Bahang, and Tanjung Bungah. Visit the island's hidden gems such as Kerachut, Gertak Sanggul, and Monkey Beach for more seclusion and tranquilly.

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Looking for a beach vacation close to the capital? Port Dickson, located south of Kuala Lumpur, has an 18-kilometer coastline that is washed by the calm waters of the Malacca Strait. Popular spots include Teluk Kemang, Blue Lagoon, Saujana, and Cahaya Negeri. The coastline is lined with five-star resorts, hotels, and private bungalows.

Cherating, Pahang

Looking for an easily accessible beach resort? Cheating in Pahang on the mainland is your solution. Cheating, with C blue waters, is an enticing holiday destination about 45 minutes from Kuantan's capital city. Enjoy carefree days of sunbathing, windsurfing, kayaking, or traditional games like kite-flying.

Pangkor Island, Perak

Pangkor is a charming holiday destination off the coast of Lumut, with golden sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and rustic fishing villages. Pangkor's main attractions are Pantai Puteri Dewi or Golden Sands Beach, Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah, and Giam Island.

Redang, Perhentian and Lang Tengah Islands, Terengganu

The breathtaking islands of Redang, Perhentian, and Lang Tengah provide the ideal setting for a refreshing holiday amidst azure waters, powdery white sands, jungle-clad hills, and a wealth of marine life. Redang, the largest island, is a holidaymaker's dream come true with its picture-postcard views, while Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil offer two distinct settings; the former is resort-oriented, while the latter attracts Lang Tengah is a secluded tropical jewel in the South China Sea, home to soft corals and a plethora of marine life.

Sasaran Beach, Selangor

A Sky Mirror, " Salar de Uyuni" of Malaysia Love Photography? Visit this beach to enjoy the thrill of standing on a submerged sand where the sky's reflection creates an incredible illusion.


Are you a wreck diver? Discover World War II and post-war shipwrecks in the waters off Labuan, including the Australian wreck, the Blue Water wreck, the Cement wreck, and the American wreck. Labuan Marine Park, located 2 kilometres south of Labuan Island, is home to an abundance of marine life. After your dive, take a leisurely stroll to enjoy the "longest sunset," where the beach stretches up to 9 kilometres and provides unobstructed views of the sunset.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Sabah

Gaya, Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik, and Sulug are the five islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, which are located near Kota Kinabalu and are easily accessible. The islands, which are surrounded by coral reefs, are a popular snorkelling destination. Gaya, the largest island, is home to a luxury resort.

Sultan Iskandar Marine Park, Johor

Do you want to escape to an unspoiled natural paradise? The islands in Sultan Iskandar Marine Ark are distinguished by stretches of stunning aches, sapphire waters, secluded oves, and rocky boulders. The park consists of 41 islands divided into five clusters: Tinggi ibu, Besar, Aur, and Pemanggil. The waters of the South China Sea are teeming with an incredible variety of coral reefs and marine life.

Sipadan Island, Sabah

Young woman in swimsuit snorkeling in blue and transparent tropical sea not far away from a boat
Sipadan is Malaysia's only oceanic island and one of the world's top diving destinations. The late oceanographer Jacques Cousteau once described Sipadan Island as an untouched work of art. To protect the island's environment, there is no accommodation on the island. Divers can spend the night at Mabul, another underwater paradise in the Celebes Sea. Semporna is the starting point for exploring Sipadan.

Tusan Beach, Sarawak

One of the best-kept secrets in the state Tusan Beach is well-known for its fascinating rocky formation that resembles a horse's head. It has a narrow white sandy beach and excellent sunset views. Tusan Beach is about an hour's drive from Miri and 15 minutes from the town of Bekenu and is popular for photography due to its large cliff and natural arch.

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