Tawau Hills National Park

Tawau Hills National Park, 24 km from Tawau, is another park created to protect water catchment resources, this time for Tawau Town and the Semporna Peninsula. Activities include a lowland garden walk, jungle trekking, camping, visiting the Table Waterfall with a natural swimming pool, and the Mountain Trail Challenge which covers two mountains, Gunung Magdalena (1310 meters) and Gunung Lucia (1201 meters).

Address: Tawau Hills Park, 91000 Tawau, Sabah

Phone: 013-884 1321
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Tawau Hills Park, was established in 1979, primarily as a protection for the water catchment area of Tawau town, Sabah, Malaysia. It is located 24 kilometers from Tawau, and comprises 279.72 km² of lowland dipterocarp rainforest, surrounded by oil palm and cacao plantations.


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