Royal Belum Park, Gerik

The 300,000-hectare Royal Belum State Park is home to one of the oldest rainforests in the world, even older than the Amazon. A short hike in the rainforest brings you to the breathtaking and refreshing Sungai Rouk Waterfall, which is home to thousands of freshwater fishes. If you are lucky, you could even see a Rafflesia in full bloom. Besides fora and fauna, some parts of Royal Belum Park have been reserved for an aboriginal tribe called the Jahai. There are three villages in the forest and Kampung Aman Damai is the most well-known, touted as a great example of living heritage. Stroll through the village and mingle with the aboriginal people to understand how they live with bare necessities.

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Address: Pulau Banding, 33300 Gerik, Perak


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