Panjut Festival, Padang Rengas

Panjut Festival, inions engas, Considered as a unique tradition in Padang Rengas, the panjut (oil lamp) festival, which has been around for decades, takes place in the final week of every Ramadhan (Muslim fasting month). This festival involves lights that can be witnessed when villagers dazzlingly illuminate their villages by hanging the oil lamps from huge elaborate structures. However, in the mid-8Os, the festival was temporarily banned due to a claim that it made people neglect their Taraweeh (special prayers held nightly during the entire Ramadhan). The festival was revived in 2014 by Padang Renga Parliamentary Constituency Sports and Community Recreation Club in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia and Padang Rengas Member of Parliament Service Centre to promote unity and creativity at the grassroots level.

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Address : Panjut Festival, Padang Rengas, Perak


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