Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah

The Sultan Ahmad 1 State Mosque is Pahang’s state mosque. It is located in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

The space-age design of old Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque consisted of a big dome and a rocket like minaret, was built in 1962 to replace the old wooden one in Wall Street (now Mahkota Road). The mosque was an elaborate of fifty metres dome in diameter rests on the continuous concrete ring held by the curved concrete wall and columns. It was the most prominent of rare geodesic dome house of worship built across Pahang. Unfortunately due to faulty design, this space-age design mosque suffered from irreparable leaking during heavy rains. It was finally demolished in 1992 and a more Islamic looking State Mosque was built in its place with new four minarets, a large dome and smaller dome and retaining the same name.

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Friday 5:30am–11pm
Saturday 5:30am–10:30pm
Sunday 5:30am–11pm
Monday 5:30am–11pm
Tuesday 5:30am–11pm
Wednesday 5:30am–11pm
Thursday 5:30am–11pm


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