Lambir Hills National Park

A botanical paradise, this park is said to have about 1,100 tree species in just 50ha. Tall dipterocarp trees such as kapur and meranti cover much of the forest canopy. With some patience and luck, visitors may be able to catch sight of pangolins, barking deer or monkeys. Walk along the trails or trek to the scenic waterfalls for a picnic. This national park is situated along the Miri-Bintulu road. It is about 30km from Miri town. Sarawak has the highest number of national parks in the country. Each national park is different in character and offers distinct attractions. The national parks are mana by Sarawak Forestry Corporation. Several parks are complemented with jungle resorts that provide modern amenities. The information above is only an overview of the majestic attractions that lay at the national parks. Further information can be obtained from Sarawak Tourism Board’s website at or Sarawak Forestry Corporation’s website at

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Admission fee: RM20 Adult, RM7 Child

Tel: 085 471 630/ 471 609 (Lambir Hills National Park HQ)


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