Labuan Marine Park

Located 2km off the southern tip of Labuan, the park comprises the islets of Kuraman, Rusukan Kecil and Rusukan Besar. It is famous for the four wreck diving sites; namely the American, Australian, Blue Water and Cement wrecks.

Lovely reefs, white sandy beaches and quiet bays make it a great spot for sun-seekers.

Visitors are required to adhere to the marine park regulations at all times. Activities that are permitted include scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, canoeing and jungle-trekking. Visitors are strictly prohibited from anchoring, fishing, polluting and carrying out other activities that can break or damage the corals and reefs.

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Must do:

• Swim at the clear waters

• Go wreck diving at the four dive sites

Snorkel to see the colourful reef

Try kayaking or island-hopping

Camp out to commune with nature


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