Kopitiam Kita

Kopitiam Kita  is a very popular coffee shop in Kota BharuKelantan. 
Every morning, the road outside Kopitiam Kita is jammed pack with cars, as the locals descend on the coffee shop for their breakfast. Kopitiam Kita is huge. It has three large dining halls. And yet, when breakfast is in full swing, the whole coffee shop is jam packed. It almost make you think that there isn’t any other coffee shop in Kota Bharu! If you do not make your way to the kopitiam in the early morning, you would be hard pressed to get your own table, and may often have to share table with other diners.

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Address: Jalan Sri Cemerlang, Taman Desa Jasa, 15400 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Phone: 019-9810888

Tuesday 6am–2pm
Wednesday 6am–2pm
Thursday 6am–2pm
Friday 6am–2pm
Saturday 6am–2pm
Sunday 6am–2pm
Monday 6am–2pm


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