Illusion 3D Art Museum Melaka

Illusion 3D Art Museum Melaka commenced operations in Dataran Pahlawan Megamall, Melaka on 15th December 2016. This time we offer for viewing a 8,400 sq feet of space filled with 38 huge hand painted 3D art paintings and a very large video hall where we broadcast the Augmented Reality video contents. Both Illusion 3D Art Museum outlets with their hand painted art are masterpieces in its own way and is making huge progress in the edutainment field because we have within the premises itself, for one ticket price, the brand new WondAR Augmented Reality video contents.

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Sunday 10am–8pm
Monday 10am–7pm
Tuesday 10am–7pm
Wednesday 10am–7pm
Thursday 10am–7pm
Friday 10am–8pm
Saturday 10am–8pm


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