Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng, Perak

As travellers enter this valley, they will be amazed by its formidable-looking fortress that seems to mimic the Great Wall of China. Located four kilometres from Gopeng, Gaharu Tea Valley spans 300 acres and cultivates 200,000 gaharu (agarwood) trees at the foothills of the Titiwangsa Range. Travellers can make a quick stop at Hugging Hills where the management provides a garden with several tall gaharu trees for visitors to hug them – it is believed that the trees need to be hugged so that it could grow healthily. Before leaving, travellers can buy gaharu-based products, among them gaharu ice-cream and gaharu noodles.

No fees are charged to enter the valley; however, the fee of RM10 per adult or RM5 per child is imposed if travellers plan to tour around the valley.

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