Ba ‘ Kekalan Limbang

Situated atop the cool highlands, Ba’kelalan is a group of nine villages. It is one of the most important settlements of the Lun Bawang ethnic group. At about 3,000 feet above sea level, Ba’kelalan has the ideal climate for the growth of apples, organic vegetables and a special type of highland rice. The community is known for its ‘bamboo band’, where local musicians play the flute and bass made of bamboo. Remote and off the beaten track, this highland area is also a great trekking site. Ba’kelalan is connected by air to the towns of Miri and Lawas. Visitors who wish to drive to Lawas can do so via an old logging road.

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Must do:

Join a homestay programme to experience

the local lifestyle

Go trekking up the Bario Loop trails

Pluck and savour fresh apples

Enjoy the highland rice and tasty dishes made

with fresh ferns

View Kelabit megaliths and rock carving

Miri Visitors Information Centre Tel: 085-434 181


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