Alwi Mosque

At a glance, the black and white color of the mosque & the art of the main dome looks unchanged like the Kapitan Keling Mosque in Penang. Believe it or not, the mosque that was built in 1931 & completed 3 years later was actually built using egg white & sand because at that time there was still no cement. According to sources, the construction cost at that time was around RM 64 000 from donations & zakat money. The construction of this mosque was fully completed in 1933 & was inaugurated by the King of Perlis at that time.

Looking at the uniqueness of the construction technique & size of this mosque, it is impossible to describe how many eggs have actually been used to complete the mosque which has the architectural elements of this Mogul. The location is also easily accessible and close to Sri Garden Hotel. It is obligatory to stop here for a while to perform ibadah & meanwhile you can take pictures to make memories of your holiday in Perlis with your family.

Days of week Open hours

5.00a.m – 10.00p.m


5.00a.m – 10.00p.m

5.00a.m – 10.00p.m
5.00a.m – 10.00p.m
5.00a.m – 10.00p.m
Saturday 5.00a.m – 10.00p.m
Sunday 5.00a.m – 10.00p.m


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