Malaysia is the crowning jewel that lies at the very end of Southeast Asia, jutting out with the Malaccan Straits to meet the islands of Indonesia and the Java Sea. This remarkable land attracts more and more nature lovers from around the world. Why would that be? Well, this country has a lot to offer for everyone’s taste! Enjoy memorable experiences in its most fabulous spots… let’s take a look!


00:00 Why visiting Malaysia
00:35 Kuala Lumpur
01:18 Malacca
02:12 Penang
03:02 Mount Kinabalu
03:40 Perhentian Islands
04:41 Taman Negara National Park
05:48 Gunung Mulu National Park
06:33 Cameron Highlands
07:30 Langkawi Island
08:11 Genting Highlands
09:06 Reason for visiting Malaysia

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